How are you celebrating?


For all you amazing women, who know amazing women, we have a giveaway on our Facebook page, running for today only. Go on, head over, you know you want to!

 Lets use this day to celebrate who our role models are, if that’s your mum/sister/friend, why don’t you tell her? You might just make her day!

Here’s some facts about women, that we found incredibly interesting!

The 2 highest IQ scores recorded in history, belong to women.

An average women eats 2 – 3 kilos of lipstick in their lifetime!

Heels were originally invented for men – women wore them to mimic men

Women on average, hiccup less then men

Women speak about 20000 words a day – this I can believe!

So there you have it! We hope however you decide to celebrate this day, that it’s fabulous for you 



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