About Us

The T bird is my own personalised printing business which I established in May 2014, and have been doing full time since July of the same year. I’m pleased to say that it’s doing well!

Lots of people ask what ‘the T bird’ means… no it’s not Grease and it’s not Thunderbirds!! Actually the ‘T’ used to stand for t-shirts as that’s what I started out making, and now it stands for Tea because I make millions of mugs (and drink gallons of the stuff too haha). ‘Bird’ is just because that’s what I am! I am the T bird!

Meet the team:

The T bird team comprises of Myself, Korin, Max, Tia and Jacqui!

Myself: I am the founder of The T Bird and have gone from starting my business at home, by myself, to where we are now.

Korin: Is our wonderful office manager, there's a chance you have spoken to her too when placing an order. She also designs and prints our amazing products ready to be pressed.

Max: Works in the laser room, making all our fabulous laser products.

Tia: Is our customer service apprentice. You will probably be talking to her if you phone or message us. She also works with our heat presses, making all our items, from tshirts to mugs!

Jacqui: Is our fantastic administrator, making sure everything is up to date and organised.

Our printing process:

Almost everything we make is done using a process called sublimation which embeds ink into the product we’re printing, using a heat press. You can’t feel a print once it’s on; it can’t peel off and it won’t fade. It also means that our standard mugs are 100% dishwasher safe! We also have a range of vinyl products including t shirts, labels, stickers, and much more!

We also have a fabulous laser machine that engraves and cuts out everything from acrylic to wood and an awesome embroidery machine that has various of amazing coloured threads for you to choose from.

If you would like to know anything else then please feel free to Contact Me!

Thank you for taking the time to look at my website, I look forward to making your order.

Best wishes

Emma Clarke
(You can call me Em!)