Kiss Me I'm Irish | Lucky Baby Vest | St Saint Patricks Day

Kiss Me I'm Irish | Lucky Baby Vest | St Saint Patricks Day

Kiss Me I'm Irish Lucky Baby Vest for St Saint Patricks Day

Baby vest description

  • Fully customize your text: This baby vest can be personalised with a name, a special message, memorable date or of a picture/photo of your choice which make these vests the perfect gift for yourself of someone you know for any occasion.

  • Long Lasting: The design is printed with sublimation which embeds the ink into the baby vest. They are machine washable. This means it will last hundreds of washes and will never peel or fade.

  • Baby Vests: We stock many different sized baby vests from newborn to 18-24months. They are super soft and hard wearing, perfect from the moment your little one is born to when they are learning to crawl.

  • Unique: All our designs are created by us at the T Bird Gifts Limited, and as we’re registered with ACID- you’ll never find anything like us!

All our baby vests are printed with love and care.

If you want this item personalising, just let us know. If you do not contact us then we won’t personalise the design and you will get the simple design not personalised. If you want to change this item, or don’t see quite what you’re looking for, send us a message, we’re always happy to help you and happy to create new designs! And if you see a design on one of our baby vests or any of our other products e.g. a bay vest design you like printing on a mug or a mug design printing on a baby vest, we will be happy to do that for you, No Problem!

With a variety of different designs to choose from, you can guarantee that your baby vest will be one of a kind.

Weight: 0.2kg