Laser Cut Wedding Invitations Magnet ~ Personalised with name and date and location ~ Rustic

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations Magnet ~ Personalised with name and date and location ~ Rustic

Key Features/Bullets

Engraved wooden invitations:

  • Fully customize your text: This Engraved wooden invitation can be personalised with a name, a unique message or a memorable date, to make it the perfect gift for you or someone special, for any occasion.

  • Long Lasting: The design is engraved onto the wood and cut out meaning they will never peel or fade.

  • Engraved wooden invitations: Are engraved wooden invitations are made from plywood. The laser cutting process leaves a slightly burnt edge, giving the Wooden coaster more depth and character. They all come with the magnets attached to the back of your invites, ready for the person to recieve and put straight onto their Fridge/Freezer.

  • Unique: All our designs are created by us at The T Bird Gifts Limited, and as we’re registered with ACID- you’ll never find anything like us!


Have you recently got engaged? and are looking for a save the date or invitation to your magical day? Maybe you're planning a rustic theme wedding? Perhaps you are celebrating your 5th wedding anniversary? Then look no futher. These are the invitaions for you.

We also have many other products suitable for your wedding, an anniversary or birthday including invitations, jewellery, bunting, place settings, guest books, badges, and lots lots more!

If you want this item personalising, just let us know. If you do not contact us then we won’t personalise the design and you will get the simple design not personalised. If you want to change this item, or don’t see quite what you’re looking for, send us a message, we’re always happy to help you and happy to create new designs!

All our Engraved Wooden Invitations are designed with Love and Care .

Weight: 0.1kg