100% recyclable. 100% biodegradable. 100% sustainable.

Introducing our new packaging - made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste paperboard, printed with eco-friendly vegetable/water based inks, making it 100% recyclable

As a company, and a family, we are keen to do our bit for the planet by helping to tackle the plastic pollution crisis. At The T Bird we have the facilities to recycle our card, plastic & paper and we even take our soup tins home for recycling!  Anything non-breakable but un-sellable, we are also saving to fill a suitcase to send with a friend to Rwanda. 
So for a while we have been looking for an alternative to the plastic packaging that we were using for many of our items. And now we have found a solution!  All of our packaging is now recycled and recyclable card. The leaflets we send and your order paperwork are both printed on recycled paper. We'd really appreciate it if you could also do your bit by reusing or recycling all of the packaging we send to you.

We need to plant 1 trillion trees to stop climate change. It’s possible and it’s in our hands. Let’s get on with it!
Treebombs are handmade seedballs, containing native UK Alder Tree seeds which create biodiverse habitat and grow quickly into strong carbon capturing trees.
We will be sending Treebombs with all of our Gardening related orders such as our trowels and forks. Just scatter these onto open ground and thank you for helping to improve our future!

 As part of our commitment to becoming a more Eco Friendly business, we've bought Splosh cleaning products to reduce our plastic and chemical use 💖 Get 15% off your order with them using code T3GFPMWEQG

The most recent change we have made at The T Bird is this sustainably produced quality two-ply toilet paper from Green Cane  which comes with zero plastic packing thus reducing our waste that little bit further!

If there is anything else that you think we could be doing then we would LOVE to hear your recommendations! Find us on Facebook  or send me an email emma@thetbird.co.uk
We hope that you'll join us on this Eco Journey, and help to make our world a better place!