Personalised Childminder’s Lost Child Safety Tattoo

Personalised Childminder’s Lost Child Safety Tattoo

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Tattoo description:

  • Fully customize your text: These Tattoos can be personalised with any name, number or saying.

  • Tattoo: Please note that the minimum order is 5 – orders below this will be refunded. Each set of tattoos come with the instructions on how to apply.

  • Unique: All our designs are created by us at The T Bird Gifts Limited, and as we’re registered with ACID- you’ll never find anything like us!

Do you know someone who's hen do is approaching? And you're looking for a fun way to show you're on a night out? Perhaps you're off to an event and are looking for an extra precaution of safety for your child? Maybe you're a childminder who looks after many children and are wanting extra security? Then look no further! These are the tattoos for you!

All our tattoos are designed and made with love and care.

If you want this item personalising, just let us know. If you do not contact us then we won’t personalise the design and you will get the simple design not personalised.

We cannot print in metallic colours 

Weight: 0.01kg